Advice from teen Oprah

Because i got so many people asking for relationship/friendship/etc advice daily on my main blog, i decided to make an actual blog dedicated to it.

Ask away, anon or not.

→ May 2012
Anonymous: loads of my friends seem to be getting boys and i feel like im never gonna get any. i dont want to sound big headed or anything but im not bad looking and im nice but i've only ever been onit with 2 boys and the only guys that like me, i dont like back. my best friend lost her virginity yesterday and it made me realise how im really gonna be forever alone. i dont know what im doing wrong, why dont boys like me polllllllieeeeee

aw i’m the same aha. i know it seems like a MAJOR deal but its really not, you don’t need a guy it tends to screw everything up when you split. they come when you least expect it, so stop worrying. x 

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