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Because i got so many people asking for relationship/friendship/etc advice daily on my main blog, i decided to make an actual blog dedicated to it.

Ask away, anon or not.

→ May 2012
Anonymous: My almost stepdad died about a month ago from a heart attack, he literally just dropped dead. I'm still in shock and I can't understand that it has happened. it just hasn't sunk in yet. I've really messed up my revision and i'm worried about school and that this is a bad excuse, i'm trying to turn it around in this last week.I don't know how to help my mum, i know that she's found it really hard and shes just been drinking and not really left the house, and i just don't know how to help her?

owh i am so sorry for you and your family :(

show her as much love as you can. gently, tell her that she doesn’t need to be drinking that, does she want a cup of tea. show her that you’re there for her, hug her all the time. tell her about your school work and ask if she can help, try and involve her in your life so her mind is occupied. it’ll be like this for quite a long time, but hopefully she’ll learn to cope if she has enough support. try your hardest to not let her drink her self sick, or she’ll learn to depend on that. 

this is going to be so tough on you, but you need to revise as hard as you can for your exams, these are horrible circumstances but getting through it and coming out with great results will be such an achievement. sending my love <3

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